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What’s Up Family!? Welcome to the website for The HBCU Hub, Inc. My name is Nicole Barnwell and I am a proud graduate of Theee Hampton University (Hey OnyxVII!). My vision for The HBCU Hub came about after many years of witnessing the lack of awareness many high schoolers in NYC have as it relates to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. When I look back on my days as a catholic high school girl growing up in Brooklyn, I realize that I also had very limited exposure to black colleges among friends and family and in school, the topic was pretty non-existent. If it had not been for my church elders who planned a black college tour for the high school kids at the time, I would have never really understood the significance of an HBCU . I would have never considered Hampton, and I would have missed out on the magic that is attending and graduating from an HBCU. When you graduate from an HBCU you become a part of a legacy that is unparalleled.

There are so many noted figures in the African-American community who are HBCU grads including Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, Taraji P. Henson and Oprah Winfrey to name a few. Most HBCUs began educating African-Americans following the civil war era when people of color were denied admission to white colleges. Later, in the face of Jim Crow discrimination and even today as we contend with educational disparities in the African-American community, HBCUs continue to produce professionals in various fields that include the arts, social sciences, medicine and business to name a few. HBCUs serve as nurturing learning environments for African-Americans to grow and develop in a safe space. My hope for The HBCU Hub, Inc. is that it helps to expose all the students it comes across, to the opportunities that exist at HBCUs. I pray that you take this journey with myself and my founding board members as we do the work of ensuring HBCUs are always included in the college choice conversation. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and hit follow on our Instagram page @thehbcuhub to stay updated on upcoming events and programs. It’s time to work! <3 -NB

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